Nov. 28th, 2008

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Aside from character pin-ups and in-game screencaps, I've been unable to find any official Advance Wars: Days of Ruin artwork. And there's been no fanart either. This makes me sad. (I'd draw some too, but it's out of my league.)

But a lack of fanworks isn't surprising since all past installments of AW were strictly lauded as decent TBS titles. Even though there was more to it, such as cornball character designs and endless screens of hokey, mind-numbing dialogue. Like most people, my relationship to those games boiled down to "JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME FUCK PLAY YOU!"

But AW:DoR has raised the bar for itself. While still hokey, now I can't get enough of its dialogue, which just hits these *moments of complete earnestness*. Or its dual-screen 'cut scenes', which are just scrolling, static images like the ones you get in visual novels. Nevertheless, these images manage to be as dramatically rewarding as earning an FMV.

I must admit though, that the various heroes are simply a run-of-the-mill assortment of the various viewpoints and personalities you'd find in cliched war stories. The villains are much worst, mostly staffed by evil for evil's sake types. These are balanced out by the presence of an Opportunist, then spiced by a trio of Psychopathic 'teehee' Gothlolis.

But yeah, I've been successfully tearjerked by everything the good guys say. I want my characters alive because I want to hear them talk more. And I want some of the characters dead for being all too believable self-serving assholes. But yes, the talking!

CAMPAIGN 20: Waylon Flies Again: Day 2: I typed it all; good parts are in bold. )

And I'm gonna follow up on this w/ a screenshot sample w/ Lin in it. (It's abridged. I ganked it by capping a video clip from the official site.) Because Lin is essentially the Methos to Brenner's Duncan MacLeod. Which makes Lin my favorite. ) I'm somewhat happy and surprised that both of these examples comment on the moral legitimacy of self-interest.


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